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Thoughtful design and timely support

"We engaged Blue Eclipse last minute to help us fix our donation form last minute before launching our holiday campaign.  The design and user experience of the donation form was greatly improved. We were very pleased with the work done and the ability of Blue Eclipse to meet our tight deadlines."

Stacey Scott
Marketing & Alumni Relations Manager 4-H Canada


The power of

I wanted to let you know that today is my last day at WaterAid Canada. It has been a pleasure working with you on the website this summer- thank you for working so diligently on this project and for accommodating all the back and forth and numerous adjustments!

Ria Wilson
Communications Assistant,

More than just website design

Websites are our specialty, but we also design logos and perform other types of graphic design. We also wrote, illustrated and published a book! We will only take on a project if we are confident we can do it well. We have many partners that we work with including some exceptional designers. If we are not the best fit for your project (or part of your project) we will bring on some amazing talent from our network. Below is a sample of some of our work.


The power of

A WordPress website built with the end customer in mind. Carefully selecting colours and button treatments to lead the potential customer down the desired path with the goal of requesting a consultation. Effective design starts with a clearly defined end goal.


Helping both the
and staff

"I love working with Blue Eclipse as they respond to our questions right away. By having Blue Eclipse manage our website updates we have been able to reduce the workload on our admin staff and volunteers"

Louise Crandall
HelpAge Canada

Balancing functionalty and user experience

Not only do we love to implement beautiful designs, but we are always thinking about the user experience. How a person interacts with the website and understanding the intent behind every click. Every element on the website should guide the user down a path. Information should be easy to find, but not overwhelming. Present yourself as an authority and establish trust.


More than a website

"Working with Blue Eclipse I got more than jus a pretty website. I was taught how to use my website. We discussed SEO and becoming an authority in my industry. Patrick showed my how my website is just a tool in my digital marketing strategy and how Google My Business and social media can be used to drive traffic to my website. I learned more in a one hour consultation than I did over the last year trying to market by myself. Thank you!"

Dan Hammill

Supporting small businesses in Manotick

"The Manotick BIA has been working with Blue Eclipse over the past few years and we are very happy with their ability to improve the design and usability of our website. We also love how our support requests are usually complete within 24 hours! The timing and execution of the work we receive is extremely important for the success of our initiatives and has proven to be very effective."

Donna Smith
Executive Director, Manotick BIA


The power of

Shapes, colours and images can all be used to draw the user in to capture their attention.

Providing ongoing support when you need it most

We were surprised with how easy it was to have our website created. Within a couple of clicks, our clients are provided with all the information they need and our online booking form has really helped bring in new customers

Dr. Salima Ismail B.S.S., B.Sc., D.C
Chiromax of Manotick


Creating websites that convert

By understanding user behaviours we were able to maximize conversions. Using colours, guarantees and a strategic user experience are the keys to success.

Let us transform and reignite your business

We take the time to understand your business and goals before starting any project. We always ensure that we are building the right things for the right reasons.


Responsive design is
a few clicks

We understand that a user may start browsing your site from their phone and end up on their desktop. A seamless user experience is key to converting your customers.

Providing easy to manage solutions

We build our websites using WordPress which allows content to be edited with ease using our drag-and-drop editor.


Building engaging and

Using colours and images can help draw the customer in and create a more human experience for your customer.

Unleash the full potential of your business

Patrick & his team at Blue Eclipse have been excellent to work with. I dreamed up a new look for our Bone Fit website and they made it into reality and did even more! They have stayed on track with our project plan timelines and have kept us updated throughout the whole process. I would not think twice about working with Blue Eclipse.

Kevin Ng
Education Coordinator, Ontario Osteoporosis Strategy


Alleviate your website design stress

Blue Eclipse is a fantastic company to work with if you are looking to build or revamp your website. The people who work there are extremely resourceful, helpful and honest. They do a fantastic job at outlining the different options to build your website and guide you each step of the way. Even once your website is built, they will always be there to support you should you have any questions. We've had the pleasure of working with Patrick Villemaire and Glen Vanderpost who offer exceptional customer service and a quality product.

Thomas Veitch
Canadian Housing and Renewal Association

Building campaign websites to promote a specific cause

Campaign websites can be useful to promote a specific goal. It is essential that these sites are built with purpose and are consistent with the main parent website.


Surpass expectations of what your site can be

Blending our expert strategic and technical expertise we build sites that are both beautiful and functional.

Creating simple solutions for complex requests

It starts with a website audit to create a step by step plan that can be executed quickly and easily.


Call-to-actions that convert

Create clear and consistent goals that can be used to lead your customer down your desired path.

Helping businesses dive deep into website redesign

Professional design can be fun as long as it is built with purpose and clear goals.

Special Olympics of Ontario - Polar Plunge
RAIC Moriyama prize -  Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

Meaningful design is
at your

We had a project that was running behind so we brought in Blue Eclipse to take over the design/development of the website. They were able to quickly complete the project so we could meet our deadlines. We couldn't be happier with the work done by Blue Eclipse!

Vicky Coulombe-Joyce
Operations & Systems Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

Helping to map out your site greatness

We engaged Blue Eclipse last minute to help us fix our donation form last minute before launching our holiday campaign. The design and user experience of the donation form was greatly improved. We were very pleased with the work done and the ability of Blue Eclipse to meet our tight deadlines.

Stacey Scott
Marketing & Alumni Relations Manager 4-H Canada

Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre

Incorporating meaningful
to your website

Identify the key goals of your website and use colour and positioning to capture your user's attention.

Foucused design improvements for your site

Sometimes a picture can be more powerful than words. By using skimmable content (headings, icons, bullets) you can quickly convey your message to the user.

DKC Roofing

Building your design
from the foundation

Understanding the goals of the business is the first step to creating an effective website.

Sometimes less is more

Just like this note.

Somerset West Community Health Centre - Mobile Website

Bringing your website
to life

The power of colour can help organize thoughts and content into clearly defined buckets.